Digital Marketing Training In Lagos,Nigeria

As millions of Nigerians are searching for products and services online, Nigerian companies have no option but to be where their customers are.

And if you are a marketing or sales professional, you will notice that demand for your skills in digital marketing is only going to increase.

But the question is, how poised are you to be recognized as an expert?

Do you have a strategy that makes people recognize you as a go-to expert?

Do you have the strategy to streamline your business/brand, command higher rates, and earn additional revenue for work you’re already doing?

If your answer is no, then this digital marketing training is for you.

The best part of our course is that it is 90% practical with live projects and best industry practice directly from experienced digital marketing experts.

You will run live projects and campaigns on major digital marketing platforms.

You will access to digital marketing execution plan, case studies and discounted digital marketing tools.

You will implement processes and strategies used by companies like eBay, Uber, Amazon and many more..

We also have a community wherein we support our students after the course and you can ask any question related to the digital marketing field and you will get your answers from past and present students as well as directly from us.

Best Drum Throne For The Game of Drums

There’s a plethora of drum throne s out there in the market and while a drum throne may not seem like a major member of a musician’s set, it is quite important to have one that assures great comfortability and support.

We used to cast all our lots on the Pork Pie but things are changing and there are good alternatives out there for you; for everyone! The Gibraltar’s 9608VA throne for example, is a rockstar as it offers extra pockets for drumsticks, towels, water bottles or those little things you like to keep around while drumming. You like? Oh yeah!

Why drum thrones in fact?

Sincerely, a kitchen chair won’t do the trick, as a drummer needs to move around while drumming – a spin more or less. Also, a drummer has to feel comfortable which suggests he needs to adjust the seat according to how he needs it. A conventional kitchen chair can not do this! A drum throne could sometimes determine how difficult drumming will be for the drummer.

While people spend countless hours and a few more thousands on improving the drumset, they seem to forget the little pieces that add up to the drumming experience overall. Well as a drummer, If you want to play at your best, everything needs to be perfect (or near); including the best drum throne.

Waste King Legend 8000 Garbage Disposal Review

Waste King Legend 800 1-Horse Power Garbage Disposal is the recognized leader in the garbage disposal industry. Most plumbers have endorsed them by making it a disposal of choice for their clientele. Say everyone talks about it as the best garbage disposal.

While the use of poorly operating or underpowered garbage disposal has more trouble than it’s worth, so if you’re considering changing or just buying a fresh garbage disposer, buying a high quality disposal  like “Waste King Legend 8000” will be of a great benefit unto you.

Is Waste King Legend 8000 1-Horse Power Garbage Disposal Right for You?

Here are the benefits of Waste King Legend 800 1-Horse Power Garbage Disposal:

1.    More “Power per Pound” Than Comparative Disposers

This is due to the extremely powerful, yet energy efficient, high speed “Vortex” permanent magnet motor, which operates at a mighty 2,800 revs/minute. This baby will grind just about anything that is thrown at it, even the hardest food waste is quickly minced into very small pieces that are quickly fed into the drainage system.

2.    Jam-Free Continuous Feeding

Stainless steel swivel impellers, which are easily removed, prevent jamming and with a disposable splash guard that is easily cleaned, the whole operation is mess-free. Food scraps can be fed into the disposer while it is running, so the whole operation is continuous.

3.    Minimal Noise and Wear

While the stainless steel grinding components are insulated, to help reduce the noise substantially, the grinding chamber is manufactured from glass filled nylon, which removes any corrosion worries.

4. Hassle-Free Installation

The unit comes complete with a quick and easy mount system and all necessary hardware plus a 36-inch power cord. It is easily and quickly fitted, does not require any specialized plumbing knowledge for installation and the instructions are clear and concise.

5.    Lifetime In-Home Service Warranty

This machine is extremely durable and built to last, but should it develop a material or mechanical fault or defect within its lifetime, it will be replaced, in the home, free of charge. It also carries a lifetime warranty against corrosion.

You can find more garbage disposal review on youtube.

Hunter Without A Crossbow?

Heck, no! Why are you a hunter by the way?

In order to be in same league with the best hunters in this country, you have to have hunting equipment such as the Barnett Ghost 400 Crossbow. Yes, crossbows are that important!


I am probably like you when trying to decide on the crossbow to purchase. Trying to determine which crossbow was right for my hunting needs. I had a difficult time reading through reviews in magazines that were favoring that particular crossbow they were reviewing in their magazine. That is when I started reading reviews from experienced crossbow hunters and users before making my decision to purchase. What I can tell you, is that the ideal crossbow for you is one that matches your experience level, the draw weight, and the type of game, and the area and terrain you plan to hunt in.

These are the specific features of the Barnett Ghost 400 to compare with when looking at other Crossbows:

  • The Anti-dry feature
  • The whiplash cams
  • The MIM trigger
  • The 185 pound draw weight
  • The 8.1 pound weight
  • The length of 38 inches and width of 24 inches
  • The illuminated 3x22mm scope included
  • The carbon fiber construction
  • The sling, quiver and rope cocking device included
  • Well balanced
  • Aluminum flight track
  • Reduced noise and vibration

To be at your best, you have to have the best! The best crossbows in our opinion are the ones that provide the greatest number and balance of the above features. What it boils down when making a selection to purchase a crossbow is personal preference. However, you want to know which is the best crossbow for the money right now!

Birthstone Gem For January

Garnet’s name is believed to derive from the Latin word granatum for pomegranate, the seeds resembling small pieces of red garnet. The Greeks called Garnet the “lamp stone,” which they believed helped people see in the dark. Garnets appear in many colors, and each with a different name; always associated with the color red, which symbolized blood (vitality such as strength, stimulation, success, fertility and warmth. Garnet occurs in different types of metamorphic and igneous rocks. The different varieties of garnets are manganese aluminum silicates with a hardness of 6.5 to 7.5, and they are:

Glossular garnet: It is characteristic of metamorphosed impure limestone or marble. Glossular garnet’s name derives from the Latin word for gooseberries. It is an earth stone. African green garnets are strong natural grounders. The other green garnet is Tsavorite. Glossular garnet helps balance cell growth and speed physical healing after physical trauma.

Spessartine garnet: It is an earth-fire stone. It got its name from Spessart, Germany; town in which it was first found; it is also found in Sri Lanka, Brazil, Madagascar, Sweden and the United States. Its color is that of a yellowish orange. They are powerful stones of attraction. They increase fertility (from getting pregnant to being inspired by a brilliant idea in any kind of creative endeavor). Spessartine garnet also helps in sexual reproduction matters. It stimulates the body and can help with weight loss. It is excellent for the endocrine system.

Rhodolite garnet: It is an earth stone. Rhodolite garnet is a variety of pyrope garnet of a rose red to pale violet color. Its name derives from two Greek words meaning “rose stone.” It is found in Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Zambia, Brazil and the United States. Rhodolite garnet offers physical, emotional and spiritual support (emotional healing especially in the areas of guilt and shame). It is helpful in recovery from sexually related abuse. It is a great stone to use during pregnancy.

Almandine garnet: It is an earth stone. Its name derives from the city of Almandine in Asia Minor. It is found in Sri Lanka, India, Afghanistan, Brazil, Austria and the Czech Republic. It usually is orange-red to purplish red. Almandine garnet helps alleviate worry, panic, and fear. It also helps with recuperation after injury, as well as the health of the ovaries and testes. garnet

Black andradite garnet: It is an earth stone. It was named after the Portuguese mineralogist d’Andrada. Also known as Melanite; word derived from the Greek word for “black.”It has been found in Mexico and Greenland. It is a stone of protection and power. It is an important stone for those recovering from addictions and who need protection from suicidal thoughts. It protects one’s immune system.

Uvarovite garnet: It is an earth stone. Uvarovite garnet is found in Russia, Finland, Poland, India and the United States. Because of its rich green color it is sometimes confused with emerald. It stimulates the healing of the heart emotionally and physically, and can be used as a healer after heart problems.

Garnet is the birthstone color month of January.

Easiest Way To Make Money Online This Year

Are you ready to start making money online?

Ok so here’s the deal, I’m not going to kid you… making extra money isn’t always easy. Yet, it’s not exactly back breaking either. The good news is, it can be done and I’m living proof.
I started my own internet business about three years ago and since then I have been able to quit my actual job and live very comfortably on the income I earn from several different online money making ventures. The best part is, I have no boss, no specific hours to keep, I don’t even have to deal with customers or product fulfillment, and best of all I can work from wherever in the world I want to as long as I have a computer with access to the internet. Too good to be true you say? Well like I said, it isn’t exactly easy and there is a ton of trial and error that will take place. And since there is no magic formula or secret as to how to replicate what I have done I have no problem sharing what I have learned with you. One thing for sure is, the more time and effort you invest in your online business, the more rewarding it will be. There are some things to avoid as well as other things you absolutely must do (the do’s and don’ts). With this website I will share with you what has worked for me and supply you with lots of tools, tricks and guides to choose from so that you can make extra money yourself.

Easy Ways to Make Money

When I say “easy” I mean easy compared to working in a Chilean mine shaft, in other words… making money online isn’t hard, in fact it’s fun, but it also takes a fair amount of effort. While it’s easy in a sense, it’s not effortless. Here is my strategy in it’s most simple form: create websites that sell products or offer information that people are searching for, promote these website (this is the time consuming part) and if you have picked websites that feature content that people are searching for, you will begin to get organic (free) traffic from search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and the rest. Once you begin to get traffic your website can be monetized in several ways but the best tools are: Google Adsense, Amazon, and Click Bank. All these are good methods of making money online.

However, there’s something big in the hood! It’s a people helping people system called MMM. In it, you trade Mavrodi’s for real cash. You acquire Mavrodi’s with your own money but when cashing out, you get an additional 30% increment plus a lovely bonus if you are just registering. To learn more about MMM, visit MMM Wiki.

Fear Of Snakes

Being the second most common phobia, after the fear of spiders, scientist have worked assiduously to ascertain the real cause of the fear of Snakes or snake Phobia, they find out that the fear of snakes is not something new, but as been in existence since the stone age when our ancestors live in Bushes. As you might have known, snakes are wild animals too and they are commonly found in the Bush, since some snakes are deadly and poisonous so this fear as really assisted man to survive up till this age and the phobia for
snake as always been transferred from One generation to another up to the Present moment.

New York Car Accident Lawyer

If you have been injured in an accident, you will have numerous concerns, including: How will I pay for medical treatment? Must I work in pain? To what compensation am I entitled? What are my rights? To answer these questions, you are in a good bid to find an experienced New York car Accident lawyer.

New York Car Accident Lawyer

While you recover from your injuries, let this lawyer concentrate on your legal case. He/She will:

  • INVESTIGATE your claim
  • IDENTIFY sources of insurance coverage
  • CORRESPOND with insurance companies
  • COORDINATE payment of your medical bills
  • MAINTAIN regular contact with your doctors
  • NEGOTIATE a settlement
  • FILE SUIT on your behalf
  • SAFEGUARD YOUR INTERESTS during this process.

Personal Injury – Do I Need a Lawyer? Oh, yes!

Payment and Recovery

A great personal injury lawyer or  new york car accident lawyer will assist in locating sources for payment of current medical and other bills. Will also work closely with doctors to see that clients receive proper medical care, regardless of their financial circumstances.

He/She demands that insurance companies pay the maximum amount to which our clients are entitled, including compensation for:

  • Medical expenses (past and future)
  • Lost wages (past and future)
  • Other economic losses
  • Pain & suffering
  • Inconvenience

Find an auto accident lawyer in New York that knows how to win and has probably has staff that are thoroughly familiar with all types of personal injury cases, including automobile collisions, slip & falls, truck accidents, pedestrian accidents, attacks in buildings and other torts.

FEES: Most attorney fees are contingent on your receiving payment through a settlement or by judgment. There is no attorney fee if no recovery.

What You Should Do After Suffering an Injury:

  1. Promptly notify your automobile insurance carrier if the accident involved your vehicle.
  2. Take photographs of the damage to your vehicle and of any visible injuries you sustained (cuts, bruises, etc.). Use a digital camera and put the images on a compact disc or if using a 35mm camera, keep the negatives.
  3. Seek medical treatment as soon as possible and keep copies of all bills for diagnosis, treatment and prescriptions.
  4. Make a list of the names and addresses of people who may have witnessed the event that led to the injury.
  5. Draw a diagram of what happened while it is fresh in your mind.
  6. Keep a “pain diary” describing physical and other problems that you experience each day.
  7. Do not discuss the events which led to the injury with insurance companies or other parties until you have talked to your auto accident lawyer.


A great auto New York car accident lawyer will help you protect your rights and interests against the parties at fault and their insurance companies. They will as well help you seek fair compensation for your injuries, including recovery for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and, where appropriate, punitive damages.

For more on accidents and personal injury, see

Weird Phobias You Probably Didn’t Know About

Normal people generally   like to go to work, travel, exercise … do everything. Effectively concentrate or have fun in a group of people (family, friends, colleagues), but some other people do have uneasiness. Do not concentrate on activities to share with these people. The problem may be a general problem that many people are normal people as well. Feel embarrassed or Confidence in yourself to do activities with peers is a normal characteristic of personality, lack of confidence in itself. This can develop into a man who is confident in himself more, but some people have a problem with that, he must avoid certain activities and that is not horrible by any means, we have many examples. examples of such phobia, such as Trypophobia  the fear of holes.

If a student or students have to speak in front of my face before I was excited palpitations. Hands shaking, sweating, hand and feet with one to speak to the class.  This make them feel embarrassed and  not acceptable to the people as long as he was scared of going to speak in front of people very enthusiastic about it more and more, until finally I just heard. about speaking in front of others, it makes sense fear in them and that event has not actually happened yet.

Employees who have served at one time he served food to others. Then someone accosted him, Why not hand him a short while later, he was anxious to serve food to other people all the time that I was even more worried as he feared it last. Do not dare to work serving food anymore.

Staff who on one occasion he had signed the slip. When they use a credit card for his brief time later. They are afraid, embarrassed. To sign or write a book that someone was staring at him. Causing a problem in his work greatly.

A woman working in a company with a lot of people will feel uncomfortable and stressful time for a lot of people around him or come near him. He felt as if they were staring at him, forced him to resign to work with my colleagues, but the salary is less than the old.

For this man, not daring to speak to strangers at all. The time has come to talk to strangers. He will not shake A hand full of sweat And do not dare to tell others when speaking.

A young woman did not dare to eat because the party. He feared that a meal with others what he would do to make yourself feel shame others. He did not make it to any party for many years., that is Thalassophobia.

Examples of these are obviously the symptoms cause problems with everyday life with people who have these symptoms and caused him to avoid what he fears it forever, and we call these symptoms that. Social  phobia (Social phobia).




Symptoms: The symptoms are the symptoms, which some people might be a little, but all this is a gathering of many people like.


Symptoms start as we fear it will be stress, spasms, palpitations, sweating on the hands or feet, some say it sounds like a rattle or pacifier lump in the throat. It is a common symptom that occurs only when fear. But after that, The  symptoms would disappear back to normal when the event has passed.

Anxiety is a concern when that happens, know that they have to face the fear and the occasional event. May not have  actually happened.

Stress can affect the body came out with some neck pain such as headaches or stomach aches, insomnia …

Depression may be caused to that person because they need to escape from society. The people around you do not understand the concerns or ideas of his own.

Evade society when that person fears in certain events. He would find a way to evade the event. This causes even more fear that someone might break in the house alone, no contact with anyone at all except for a long time. But the family or close friends, the only acceptable.



How TREATMENT: The treatment method is currently used in a number of ways, including with.


Drug therapy using drugs which are not used directly for treating phobias. But, as might be the cause of those who are. May feel more courage. Or drugs to relieve anxiety. Or possibly a cure Depression occurs Or medications to reduce symptoms of palpitations. Or sleeping pills Some types of drugs of this type may be made. Adverse minor such as dry mouth, constipation, frequent urination or cause drowsiness as a drug, which was under the control of a physician, but current treatments by medication alone is not popular. more This method is called medication.

By keeping the face of the terrible events. At present the idea. If he was nervous, scared, in any event, if the latest incident, which may have started the event with a little fear. And each time the Faced by a reasonable period of time until the fear fell away. Do this several times and events more difficult. Fear can be reduced by not having to do with the events that caused the damage or Seder since childhood. This method of treatment called behavior therapy (behavior therapy) – Combination therapy with two of them simultaneously. The drug helps with behavior. This method of treatment, which was under the control of doctors closely on drug use as well.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), this method is very popular nowadays. This is a method of treatment using behavioral modification therapy along with the idea that a person’s nervous fear. This method must Psychologists met concurrently. To help change the mentality in the face of events that causes nerve afraid this method might be combined with the use of drugs or not. In my experience, people get nervous, scared today. It is of the opinion that this method makes the nervous fear of his less well-Group Therapy is a treatment therapy group, which is used in conjunction with other methods of integration for people with nervous fear. to share the knowledge It may also help to make a face to play the role (role play), which is a replica of events that occur in the nervous fear everyday lives come together in groups to practice. Faced with that in America today, this method is very popular with the group in a nearby town where they live. Or organized by specific clinical treatment.

Besides the main ways mentioned above, there are several ways to approach a small boost to the party. The neurotic fear that such.